Today, we would like to introduce our MC!!
The first MC is Masakaze Demizu. He is from Fukuoka and a sophomore of Akita International University. His hobby is mountain climbing and he is very particular about Udon texture. He is interested in many fields such as diplomatic issue, history, entertainment, or classical music because of the influence of his father. He believes that in order to be a true international character, it is essential to have enough knowledge of Japan as well as learning English. Therefore, he is aiming toward reading a lot of Japanese literatures.

We got a comment from him.
I am grateful for being chosen as MC of TEDxAkitaIntlU. I would like to support dreams and goals of those who take a step forward. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the venue!!




Today, we would like to introduce our MC!!
Another MC is Moe Manabe. She is from Osaka and a junior here, at Akita International University. Her favorite food is seared tuna and she loves to listen to music and play instruments such as drams, influenced by her father. Through one-year exchange program in Georgia, the U.S., she got interested in how Asian people were represented in various media including her-loving movies, she has written a paper about the issue. She is starting her study abroad in Rithania this coming September, and will learn mainly the relations between movies and the society. Also, she is planning to take an internship at a movie company to realize her dream to make movies in the future!

We got a comment from her.
I am very happy to participate in such a big event and help it success as a MC. I will do my best so that you can enjoy this event in a good atmosphere.

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